This strip is totally not based on true events. Anyway, there were two others who turned up to the 1-year reunion.

It was a terrifying moment when I opened up Facebook the other day and saw an old schoolfriend of mine asking when the 10-year reunion was going to be…then realising that it was some time this year. Really doesn’t seem that long since we were there, you know? But then I stop and realise that now, these kids are married (or waiting for laws to change so they can get married), own houses, have kids of their own, and some of the kids I went to school with have since passed on. And even I’ve gone from the slightly overweight, bespectacled, shoddily-dressed nerd I was in school to…well, an older version of that I guess.


What do you remember about high school? How have things changed for you and your mates since you left (or, if you’re still there now would you be the one to turn up to a 1-year reunion? ;-P) – do you even still kick around with the same crowd? Is there anyone (maybe like Agent 42) that you would try and steer clear of at your 10-year reunion, or would you take the chance to go over and finally give them that piece of your mind you’ve been fantasising about for the past decade?

Myself, I’m just hoping there really¬†will be an open bar at our next reunion (hey, a guy can dream!)


Terence MacManus