Hi everyone, sorry not to have a comic up and ready to go tonight; things have been rather busy over the last week. As those of you who visited the site after Wednesday probably remember from the last comic’s blog, I was away from home on some fieldwork this past week, which meant that I fell behind in what updates I had ready; that’s kinda fed on to this weekend as well – Unfortunately, I will not be able to post another comic until Wednesday, as I have another few days ahead of me which are quite full.

At this stage it looks like I will be able to put a few posts up over the Christmas period though; I am going to take a bit of time off the strip across Christmas, but I have a week off work before Christmas day and plan to spend the time working ahead on the comic, so that there can continue to be some updates during this time. So although we’re a little behind now, it should pay off over Christmas ;-)

Thanks for reading guys, appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing you back here for a regular update on Wednesday :)

Terence MacManus