Hi guys,

Just a quick note for you to let you know that today’s comic is going to be running late – likely by a day or two. My work schedule has been really busy lately, with lots of early mornings to get on-site, and running late so that I’ve had hardly any time of an evening once I get back (and get enough sleep to get me going the next morning!) :-(

However, I should have some time to sit down tomorrow night and get things done so hopefully can get it finished and posted then – Will announce updates to the schedule and when this week’s strip is up over on the Average Joe Facebook Page so make sure you head on over and like it to keep up on all the latest news! :)

Thanks for your patience guys; end of financial year is always a busy time!

Terence MacManus

 *EDIT* So, I sat down and managed to get half of the strip inked and coloured Thursday night, before having to slink off for sleep (early morning following) – unfortunately it looks like I might have to postpone the update until Sunday, and just do one for this week. I hate missing an update, but the day job has to come first: also, I promised my wife we’d go shopping for the baby on Saturday, and I do not want to face the wrath of a pregnant woman!!

Thanks again guys, will see you here on Sunday :)