Hey everyone!

Just following my last post about the imminent excitement; I’d like to proudly announce the arrival of our son, Archer Francis MacManus, into the world on Wednesday morning! He is very pink and healthy, and has been a delight so far – no doubt lulling us into a false sense of security for once he returns home with his mother tomorrow :-)

As the days are going to be a bit more hectic now, I imagine that things are going to take a little while to settle in! Therefore, as I noted in the blog post of Wednesday’s comic, Average Joe is going to scale back to a once-a-week schedule again for the next few weeks: I have a small buffer that should see us through any emergencies, and I am also open to any and all guest strips or guest art that anyone wants to submit over the coming weeks to help plug any of the gaps!

While we’re working on the once-a-week schedule, there’ll be new comics updating on Wednesdays and a blog post every Sunday to keep you guys all up-to-date with things; I’ll also be updating the Average Joe Facebook page and sending some things out on Twitter (@tcmacmanus), so be sure to check there as well for what’s going on with Average Joe!

Thanks everyone – appreciate your readership and your awesome support during this exciting time!

Terence MacManus