In order of appearance:



Joe Smith:

The main character of “Average Joe”. Joe is a 22-year old struggling actor hoping to be the next big thing. When he was unwittingly caught up in a government experiment gone awry, Joe developed a suite of powers which effectively turned him into a living comic book hero.






The pseudonym of a masked woman we first meet trapped with Joe. What is her relationship to our daring hero? Only time will tell…








The lead researcher of Australia’s Super-Soldier program, and the inventor of the Achilles Formula. He was selected partly for his genius, partly for a proven ability to keep state secrets, and predominantly because he was the lowest tenderer.




Agent 42:

The physical presence of ASIO (Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation), Agent 42 serves as a liason between the science, military and government organisations relating to the Achilles project. Competent and secretive, Agent 42 ensures that no details of his shadowy organisation become known to his colleagues or the public (unless they perform a 30-second google search or check the ASIO website directly).

The Major:

The Major is a decorated Australian soldier who has proved his worth in Afganistan and Iraq, and who was therefore selected as the prime candidate for Australia’s Super-Soldier (Achilles) program. Of course, it would probably have been nice for him to have been informed of this, and he’s also none too keen on some of the…erm….side effects?

The Director:

The Director is a fairly small-time film entrepeneur working out of Melbourne, Australia. Until a recent disaster reduced it to rubble he was the owner of the “Warner-Bee” film studio, producing a series of small film productions including short film and television commercials.