…Whoops! Guess there’s just one more person there that the Major forgot to take account of! But why not? She was supposed to be going to the main bomb, to make sure it was working – they even had a whole plan setting it out… ;-)


Also, long-term readers may appreciate the unintentional irony in this strip’s title, as the strip goes up nearly two weeks late…! Man, kids guys, kids. Our little guy is nine months now, how time flies! He’s starting to crawl, can stand up on his own, has teeth coming through…and more teeth coming through…and teeth half coming through… and serenades us nightly between the hours of 8pm and 3am. Sleep is a distant memory. Webcomics gather dust by the flickering light of the monitor, abandoned in the corner as the red-rimmed eyes of its owner weep tears of exhaustion…

But! Fear not, Average Joe struggles on (albeit a bit more haphazard these days)! After all, and I only just realised this, we’re not all that far off the 200th strip – a pretty mean feat through the passage of time it’s taken us to get here :-) Looking forward to you guys seeing it!

So, until Sunday – enjoy the latest strip, and we’ll see you back here then! :-)

Terence MacManus