Hey everyone! Hooray! We have an update!! :-D

So, this strip was a difficult one for a number of reasons – as you can see, getting Agent 42 back from where he ended up after Strip #184 took a little more than the conventional Average Joe panel layout! I think it turned out ok, but it did mean that I effectively tripled the amount of drawing I had to do for this update…which would probably have been fine if we didn’t also have a teething infant and a fortnight where I was kept back working late every weeknight at my day job!! Funny how everything always happens at once! :-(

The good news, is that things seem to be settling down at home and work (although the little one is waking up again even as I write this!!) so the update schedule should also be looking a lot healthier in the coming weeks. About time, too – we need to see what’s going on with the epic superhero fight that the Scientist’s obviously settling in to watch!

Thanks for reading everyone – looking forward to catching you back here on Sunday for another Average Joe! :-D

Terence MacManus