Aargh! I was so determined to have this one finally finished by today (Sunday)!

Hey everyone – sorry for the slow updates recently; things have been really hectic in Averageland at the moment. The good news is that strip #192 is *almost* done – only needs another panel inked and coloured, but it’s just got too late for me to be able to finish it off tonight :-( However, I will make sure that I get it completed tomorrow night, so when you check back in here on Tuesday, an brand new Average Joe will be here to meet you!! And about time too – lucky that was a really tall cliff Joe fell off last update, so gives us plenty of time before he hits the bottom…!

Looking forward to seeing you guys back here when the new strip is ready – thanks for checking in, I really appreciate your time and dedication in the face of the recently-less-reliable update schedule and look forward to everything settling down a bit once the rest of the little man’s teeth (eventually) finish erupting and he goes back to sleeping more than an hour or two at a stretch, overnight 0_O!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Facebook page to be informed the moment that Strip #192 goes live – will talk more then!

Terence MacManus