Wow, if I didn’t know any better, I’d accuse the author of a bit of meta-humour here…especially considering the last time we saw Joe, Fatale and the major in the ‘present day’ was over a year ago!

Today marks the day that the story has finally come full circle – from now on, the inevitable march of history shall move only forward from this point. We’ll finally get to see what the Major’s plans are for the city, what Joe and Agent 42′s “brilliant” plan actually was, and we’ll finally see what Fatale’s true agenda has been the whole time. Exciting times ahead!


Oh, and the scientist might…I dunno, blow something up. Probably while trying to brush his teeth or something – he had this really great idea for a new electric toothbrush a while back…

Will catch you guys back here again soon!

Terence MacManus