Hey guys, sorry for the radio silence – I’ve tried to get the time to sit down and finish of the strip for this week, but my wife has been consistently pretty crook over the past few days and has been unable to take her normally epic responsibility over the baby (which allows dad to sit at the computer for hours and draw comics ;-P).
Add on to all that, my working late every night the past fortnight, and it’s all conspired against getting this strip finished on time! Looks like it will have to update next Sunday (June 1).

Sorry for the wait, but thanks heaps for your continued patience and readership! Will catch you guys then :)

Original post:

Hey everyone – for those who missed the Facebook Page update, just a heads-up that comic #184 is a little delayed due to household sickness and nursemaid duties :-)

Will try and have it up tonight, otherwise it might have to tide over a few days as I work it around my other weeknight commitments – will let you know how progress is going!

Take care,

Terence MacManus