Well, I guess that’s where Joe ended up after Strip #103.

Hmm…come to think of it, that contraption in the background of Panel 1 looks kind of familiar, too…

So welcome back for another week everyone! The plot continues to err…plot forward. Thickening, or some such. In any case, at least we now know just how it was that Joe cunningly infiltrated the Major’s compound – as Fatale pointed out though, it’s not exactly the stealthiest entrance, and it looks like there are a few people hanging around those hallways – will be interesting to see what happens next, I reckon! (or at least, I hope!)

Look forward to seeing you back here again soon for that next exciting instalment!

Terence MacManus


PS – If I hadn’t been saying it every week for something like the last two months, I’d also go on record for saying how perversely pleased I am to compare today’s drawing with the efforts you can see in the linked comics – especially from Strip #103. It really does give me such a sense of satisfaction, and I hope it’s something long-time readers can get a little kick out of seeing develop as well :-)

Thanks for reading, everyone! See you next week :-D