Gotta take ‘em where you find ‘em I guess! Perhaps Fatale should have been less…direct about ┬áher employment with the Major before giving Joe that suggestion?

Poor Tobias has a rather good point too – at least she took that communicator out of her ear first! Considerate, that :)

I was really pleased with the way this one turned out – The final panel was a fun draw, and I think I’m getting a *bit* better at those profile shots (they are the devil)! Tobias’ shape and style are evolving a little as we go as well – I decided I wanted him to look a little more like his brother (Joe), and his weight was sorely in need of some management! Wish it were so easy to lose a few kilos… ;-)

In any case, nearly the whole gang are gathered in the Smith house by now – I imagine something interesting will come out of it all. Too bad the poor old Major doesn’t know about all this, or he might have thought he has an easier answer to a question he asked a while ago…(well, he hasn’t asked it yet I guess. Drat this confusing timeline who on earth came up with this plot? They should be fired). I’m also looking forward to seeing the reaction from Agent 42 when he sees her there, given what happened the last time those two met

Looking forward to seeing what happens next back here next Sunday! Thanks for reading, everyone :)

Terence MacManus