Boy, don’t you hate it when you forget that one last thing?

Welcome back to Average Joe everyone! And don’t worry about Joe, I’m sure he’ll be fine – this sort of thing happens to him all the time :)

So, a few of you may have noticed (especially if you follow the Average Joe Facebook Page, or checked out the blog post at the bottom of the site) that there was no Wednesday post this week. This is due to a schedule change I’ve had to make for weeks going forward: For the foreseeable future, Average Joe will go back to a once-a-week schedule, updating on Sundays only. There’s a few reasons for this; the biggest and most obvious is of course continuing to juggle the comic around looking after our (now 3-month old) son – It’s been a little difficult to keep up with a twice-a-week update schedule and still find the time every day to make sure his needs are met (and my needs too, it sucks if I don’t get a chance to cuddle him every day!). Also, a few new opportunities are beginning to arise as my singing develops, a good example the chance to sing with Melbourne Opera recently coming up; to take advantage of these opportunities would mean another two nights of the week completely cut out of potential comic-drawing time. Lastly, I don’t want to have Average Joe being something that I merely have to cram around my other activities, and end up with a shoddy product as a result. I really enjoy the time I spend making these cartoons, and I revel in the feedback from readers and the sense of accomplishment I get seeing my art and writing improving over time. By scaling back to one update a week, it means that I can devote a better amount of time to each update, and try to keep making it a better product each time a new strip goes up (rather than having to settle with something shoddy in order to get 2 updates out per week).

I know you guys will understand this decision, as you’ve been so awesome and supportive in the past – I hope that you’ll be able to continue having Average Joe as something to look forward to as you sit down and open your browsers every Monday morning, and I look forward to using the scaling-back of the schedule as an opportunity to improve the quality of the comic even further – I have a few ideas I’d like to start implementing in that regard, so watch out for those over the coming weeks! ;-)

Thanks for reading everyone, I look forward to seeing you back here next Sunday when we catch the fallout (heh, geddit?) of today’s strip, and begin to see how recent events might feed into the overall story plot :-D

Catch you then, Averaginos!

Terence MacManus