Luckily, this is still good enough to get past the kind of criminal Melbourne attracts. Oh hell, let’s even widen the net out to all of Australia.

The last time Joe had to deal with a bank robbery, it turned out like this – let’s hope he’s learned a thing or two this time and he can do a better job!

This strip kicks off the start of another little mini-arc; we have a little bit of groundwork yet to lie before we take another arc back in the main storyline, and I’m kinda liking the silliness of some of the one-off strips like we’ve been running over the past few weeks, so would like to throw a few of those ideas into the mill as well! There are a few things coming up over the next few weeks/months that will tie into the main story once it kicks up again though, so keep your eyes peeled ;-)

Going to have to leave it there as a short blog post tonight I’m afraid – have spent most of the day in Melbourne for my brother’s engagement party (yaaaay!), after already spending a fair bit of time down there on Friday and Saturday each side of my cousin’s wedding, which went very well and was a marvellous ceremony/reception (double yaaaaaaaay!), and so am now well and truly exhausted! Hope you’ve enjoyed tonight’s comic, and I look forward to seeing you back here on Wednesday! :-)

Terence MacManus