Man, don’t you hate it when you just need the answer to a simple question and it starts destroying universes all around you? Been there myself;  I don’t think I’m ever going to find out who let those dogs out, who, who, who, who?

Welcome back to Average Joe everyone!Today’s comic was inspired to a lot of physics lectures I’ve been listening to while drawing latel…oh, all right. I’ve been watching Star Trek.

A lot of Star Trek.

But! It meant I got to have a lot of fun with panel three in this one, drawing everyone’s parallel-universe counterparts! Who can pick what’s different about the three of them? :-D

Been a long day for me over here, so going to have to be a short post tonight – also, a tip for those of you out there who have jobs which require technical drawings? Don’t volunteer the fact you own a copy of photoshop at home when you have a newborn baby and 12 drawings to suddenly do ;-)

Have a great week guys, and we’ll see you back here on Sunday for the next Average Joe!

Terence MacManus

PS – OOH! I nearly forgot to mention here, but my cousin is getting married on Friday, too – so make sure you think of him fondly all day (and his beautiful bride-to-be as well!) :-D