Hey everyone! welcome back to Average Joe for the beginning of another week! A nice, silly comic for you this Sunday, to mark our return to the regular schedule with style! I’m looking forward to the coming weeks and the series of one-offs/two-strip mini-arcs that are planned; a lot of the ideas I had back when I was brainstorming the strip were based on the idea that Joe, his brother Tobias, the scientist and Agent 42 were all living together and I’m looking forward to giving those ideas and their interactions a bit of reign over the period working up to the next story progression :) . Hmm…actually, I wonder if any of those links might have had some bearing on Tobi’s decision  to draw up the list from today’s strip… ;-)

Also, it was nice to get Mate back into the story (even if by description only) – Tobi really does seem to go a little bit crazy when it comes to that bird…

I also made an interesting and important discovery while colouring this strip – a discovery of how to go about things in the right way! After instituting this new colouring method from last Wednesday, which is drastically cutting the amount of time it takes me to colour the strips, I came to realise that this means all the inks have to be finished prior to colouring the strip. Now this likely sounds very obvious to you, dear blog reader, but when a photoshop-klutzy webcartoonist is so used to colouring with the brush, they (well, maybe only I) can get into the habit of inking then colouring each single panel prior to moving on to the next…this gets to be a problem under the new system however and, as I discovered the hard way, will royally balls-up the entire process causing one to have to load an older save file and begin the process anew 0_o. Ah, the lessons we learn! >_<

Still, the lesson hopefully has been learned and things will only continue to charge on from here! Thanks for reading everyone, and I look forward to seeing you back here again on Wednesday for the next instalment! :-)

Terence MacManus