Because “oh Bugger” seems an appropriate response to being stabbed through the chest!

Hey everyone – welcome back to Average Joe for the week! Apologies for those of you who originally came to this update to find the filler post – as stated in that post’s blog (preserved below), it was an epically busy weekend of choral commitments cum childcare (woo alliteration!). And I had thought I was so ahead with that half-a-strip buffer I’d maintained for the last two weeks…*sigh*

Relating to this update though, I must confess I’m really enjoying drawing these three together! Going to miss them a little once this small arc is over; they won’t be all together in the one place for a little while after (although I am quite looking forward to bringing Joe back into his own comic again; very soon!). These last few weeks have been invaluable for me to develop my drawing styles for them, and I look forward to getting back to the main story arc where I can put that practice to good use! It was also nice to hit a humour beat again in this update – I liked the way Major Edward’s expression came out in the last panel there, too :-)

Well, I’ve kept you waiting long enough for this post, so I’m going to stop yammering at you for now – hope you enjoy this offering and I look forward to having you (and a very worse-the-wear Agent 42) back for the mid-week update (given that this strip is going up on Monday, the mid-week one may have to be pushed back to Thursday to allow me time for developing it/sleep; will let you know in the blog post below the comic, and on the Facebook page if this is necessary)!

Thanks everyone,

Terence MacManus


Note: This update was originally posted showing just panel three of today’s strip – the original blog post which went with the update is retained below.


Hey everyone!

Sorry for the late notice on this, but this week’s Sunday strip looks like it will have to be finished tomorrow evening; this weekend was a MASSIVE drain on time and energy, with choral commitments, visitors, and a grizzly baby meaning that I didn’t get the time needed to finish off the strip for the evening: Although it’s almost done, I am writing this whilst my very haggard wife is looking after our still-squealing infant, so for the sake of our marriage and our sanity I’m going to have to step away from the drawing table for the evening ;-) Therefore, I leave you with one of the completed panels for today’s strip, I hope it whets the appetite a bit for the remainder tomorrow!

Thanks guys, I appreciate how patient you are over this period where we’re adjusting to being new parents, and I promise I’ll have a full comic up for you again tomorrow night :-)

Catch you then,

Terence MacManus