He really, REALLY needs to stop underestimating her

Today’s comic was one of those rare times where I could really sit back in the chair afterwards with a silly grin on my face – I’m really happy with the way it turned out! I knew that this would stretch my art capabilities a little if I wanted it to look like the scene I could see playing out in my head, and this has come pretty close: particularly in panel 2. And I do enjoy the silhouette effect of panel 4; I’ve experimented with it a couple of times before and I like it as a way where I can have something dramatic happen in the comic without it getting overly gory (and therefore help keep it a little more kid-friendly). Of course, I worry about keeping it kid friendly, then I go and do strips like #11 and #140…oh well.

Today’s comic was also an interesting exercise in writing for me – I don’t usually have as much text in a strip as in today’s, and felt like I was really walking a razor edge between what was too much, and what remained interesting. Given that there’s no joke in this particular strip, I really felt the weight of the impact the writing had to have to ensure there was still something engaging in the update, and hopefully this has fallen mostly on the right side of that divide :-)

I guess that’s about the shape of it for this mid-week update guys! Will see you back here on Sunday for the next instalment (whoo, what a day that will be – I have about 8 hours of choir rehearsal/performance to get through, so wish me luck!)

Thanks for reading guys, see you then! :-)

Terence MacManus