…but he gets up again! He always gets up again

Welcome back everyone! Gotta feel sorry for poor old Major Edwards (that’s right, he does have a last name…) in this one, it can be hard trying to launch into plot exposition when nobody’s listening to you! Perhaps he’ll have a better chance if he can get those two to keep their hands off each other for a minute. Crazy kids ;-)

This strip was actually a little surprising to me when I was plotting it out; I spent a fair bit of time considering where people would be standing in relation to each other while the Major began speaking to Agent 42, before realising that the nature of 42 and Fatale would just not let them stand around listening to someone pontificate…I’ve always rolled my eyes a little when people talk about their characters ‘telling’ them things as they’re writing, but this was a pretty funny example of how my consideration of their personalities only allowed for one conclusion to be drawn in the end (‘drawn’, ha!). They really don’t think very highly of each other (‘highly’, ha!).

I’m looking forward to bringing you Wednesday’s strip, where we get a fair bit closer to seeing what led to the events of this strip. Should be a fun one to draw, I hope you guys will have as much fun reading it!

Will see you then, Averaginos!

Terence MacManus