Whoops! Well, it’s one way to get down, I suppose…bet it hurts though!

Welcome back to Average Joe, everyone! Apologies that the post came up so late tonight – it’s funny; everything but one panel of this one had been done before this day dawned, then our new baby decided to spend something like 16 hours straight grumbling without going to sleep…so much for being prepared! ;-)

This one, and the next few coming, are pretty exciting to me. It was really nice to get the chance to give the Major a bit of screen time again and I’m enjoying having the opportunity to display a little of his personality and, hopefully, some of his motivations. Giving him the chance to make some terrible puns felt ¬†pretty good, and sure beats the other times we’ve managed to hear him speak. I’m looking forward to really giving him a proper introduction to you guys over the next couple of weeks :-)

That’s all for today then, folks – I’m revelling in the (relative) silence coming from the other end of the house, and should probably take the time to get some shut-eye as well, while it lasts ;-)

Thanks for reading! Will see you all back here on Sunday! :-D

Terence MacManus