Hey everyone! Welcome back :-)

So, as some of you may have predicted: things have been a little hectic over the past week! Hard to believe it was only this time last week that we were holding our little one for the first time; I can already see that time is going to fly right by while little Archer grows up on us!

As for time flying by, the err…interesting¬†schedule that we’ve been on over the past week meant that I wasn’t quite able to get a post completed for this update – luckily, the indomitable Jon Hughes was kind enough to step in and provide a guest strip for today’s update! I gotta say this one cracked me up something shocking when I read it – just perfect! I love that little Archer is even wearing Joe’s colours in this comic ;-) .

Thanks heaps to Jon for providing this; you can find more of Jon’s work over at The Principal is an Alien, and don’t forget to sign on to his Twitter account @DrawJonDraw to get all the latest updates about his new strip coming out January next year – Al One. A sci-fi action story set in space, the title itself is so evocative (A strip set in the vastness of space, whose title can be read as “alone”? Who wouldn’t want to read that! :-) ) I just can’t wait to see what it’s all about – follow him now so you don’t miss out! :-)

Jon has also had a bit of involvement in Average Joe in the past, with some of his characters (the super-intelligent worms from TPIAA) even appearing in this Average Joe strip (and possibly this one too, if our illustrious scientist was too lazy to go out and grab fresh worms ;-) )

So, thanks for coming by guys; will have something up for you again on Sunday, and will have a new strip again next Wednesday; will keep you in the loop as far as the change to the update schedule goes, and let you know as soon as it’s back on track!

Catch you then, Averaginos!

Terence MacManus