Wow! It’s all really happening!!

By the time you guys read this, we’ll have had our baby – what a time it’s been! After looking forward to this moment for so many months it’s amazing to have it finally here! :) I can’t wait to meet them :) :)

While I’m getting all gooey over here, I’d better take some time to make a quick announcement about the update schedule while we’re settling into new parenthood – I didn’t get as ahead as I hoped with regard to completed strips for the coming weeks, but I hope to be able to have at least one new update each week for the next 3 – 4 weeks, then hopefully work the schedule back to normal (this is where all you other Dads out there burst into laughter at my blind optimism). However, I’d also love to put up any guest art or guest strips people want to submit over the next few weeks to round out the schedule (and frankly, to help me out if everything gets shot to hell due to the aforementioned blind optimism). If you are a creator and would like to submit anything to help out, hit me up at, I would appreciate it immensely and will be your friend forever :-)

Now, I hope you’ll forgive the brevity of this post, but I have a hospital to get to :-D

Cheers guys!

Terence MacManus