I’m not sure what shop in Melbourne sells all that stuff together, but I want to find it.

Hello everyone and welcome back to Average Joe! Seems like Tobias has wandered into the middle of an epic battle – for those who came in late, you can see it begin here.

I’m, pretty happy with how this strip turned out; I’ve been trying to push myself a little more with my drawing, and it’s nice to see how Fatale’s action poses have matured since some of my earlier attempts to show her in action, like here and here. Something I look forward to developing further in future updates! :)

Also, I know that one shouldn’t get too hung up on arbitrary numbers, but I didn’t really realise until I was typing out the title of today’s strip that the next one on Wednesday will make 150 of these things I’ve thrown up on the internet – that feels kinda special :-D

Look forward to seeing you guys back here for it then – take care (and try to stay away from wandering into epic battles in the meantime)!

Terence MacManus