Well, I doubt that will lead anywhere good…

…and here I thought I was done with drawing Joe in that darn dog suit! Still, it’s nice to show Joe’s day job isn’t a total wash ;-)

Not a whole lot to say in this update other than…I FINALLY HAVE INTERNET BACK! Hurrah! Being internet-less for the past few weeks while our home renovations continue has been rather brutal, especially when the thing you spend all your spare time drawing uploads to the darn internet. *twitch*. Still, much easier now so that should make me a happy little camper :)

Well, off to bed with me – I have a day of field survey ahead of me tomorrow in my day job which is bound to be excellent, as I’m sure the past week of constant rain will have no bearing on the weather tomorrow why would it oh god I’m going to get so wet.

Catch (a cold) you guys later! :-D

Terence MacManus