Hmm… I guess this means we won’t be seeing that guy again anytime soon 0_O

For any of you who aren’t as familiar with the Joker’s origin story in the Batman comics*, or who might not remember the Batman movies of an earlier vintage, this clip sums it up nicely: the Tim Burton Batman movies were one of the earliest entries I had into Batman and the Batman mythology… following the earliest influences I had, of course…:-D

It was actually really fun to draw this over the past couple of updates – Although I don’t plan to make a habit of including too many wannabee supervillains in the strip, playing around with the iconic features of the Joker has given me a few ideas to bring into the design of the next original supervillain for Average Joe – I’ll try to be a little more visually interesting than your average Joe blow in a tracksuit ;-)

Looking forward to showing you guys what I can work out! Until then, be sure to tune in on Wednesday for the start of the next mini-arc :)

See you then Averageers!

Terence MacManus

*Today’s title is inspired by the title of a certain Batman comic…can anyone guess which one in the comments? :-D