…hmm. Probably the least safe-for-work strip I’ve come up with yet (and ever plan to), but it was too good an opportunity to pass up!

…wait, that might not have come out right…


In any case, I will fill you guys in with a full Blog post tomorrow regarding today’s comic (including, but not limited to, a really good reason to keep saving your photoshop files as you work…), but I only got home a little over an hour ago after being out and about for work/straight to choir for over 15 hours straight, and I really need to roll into bed! Make sure to check back in later for a full blog update; if you’re signed on to the Average Joe Facebook Page, I’ll let you guys know when it’s up over there – if you’re not on there yet, head on over now! :)

Catch you tomorrow Averagagogios!

Terence MacManus