Before today’s messages, a little help:

Woo! Hey everyone, welcome back to another week of Average Joe! I’m glad you haven’t forgotten about anything (poor old scientist!)

So today’s was another bit of experimenting for me – I managed to refine the Reporter’s look a little closer to the way I want it: ongoing process, but making some in-roads! It’s pretty satisfying to look back on the first time that we met the character and see where the drawing style has come over the months :-)

I also had a little experiment with some of the storytelling in this one – I had worked out that Joe would be wanting to hide his face from her during the last strip, but then I cast my memory back to the fight against the ‘Unmaker’, and realised there was a chance that little veil of mystery had already fallen. However, the only times that Joe could have had his full face seen by the reporter he was either in movement (very fast, or at a distance), unconscious, or in the dark with his back turned. So, even though the reporter has seen Joe’s whole face by now, he is still unaware of that fact… After playing around with a few drafts of today’s strip trying to bring up the fact that she’s seen his face, I realised that it would just be funnier if he doesn’t find out just yet, and still feels the need to ‘protect his identity’ when they’re around. I think her statements/reaction in panels 2 and 3 are enough for now – she knows, but is happy enough to go along with Joe’s conviction he’s being terribly clever about his concealment!

Well, there you have it! Make sure to tune in again on Wednesday for the next exciting instalment :-D

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Terence MacManus