Hey, look who it is!

Boy, Joe goes to some lengths to protect that secret identity of his! If only he was, you know, good at it…

So I got to have a little play around with the layout of today’s strip and I’m pretty happy with the result – was interested to see how out favourite intrepid reporter would look in the latest drawing style, and I think she’s come out ok. She’s going to be in the next one as well, so I should have a bit more of an opportunity to have a little play around with the way she’s drawn; I do have a pretty distinct image in my head of how I want her to look, and I’m happy she’s getting closer to it :)

Also, there’s babies coming out the Wazoo over here! (that’s where they come from, right?) One lot of our friends just had their first a few weeks ago, one just had theirs a couple of days ago, and another lot are nearly a week overdue! Happily, ours is still in no rush (thank God, I still have a couple months to get used to the idea!), although it’s moving around a lot at night now and keeping both of us awake. I KNOW! Before it’s even drawn breath; I mean, that’s just plain rude.

On that note, I’m going to crawl of to get whatever sleep I can, and we’ll catch you back here again on Sunday!

See you then, Averaginos!

Terence MacManus