And of course, to refresh your memories here’s a little look back at Strip #111 :)

Welcome back to the mid-week offering, everyone! This strip throws a couple of new things out there – first off, it’s the first time I’ve ever written anything in Korean, so that was fun! Secondly; we get some information here on how the scientist ‘upgraded’ Joe’s suit so that it can withstand the rigours of superhero activity (although, it seems like the upgrade wasn’t all that stable when it came to laundry day! The effects of all that super-powered DNA sloshing around the spin cycle should probably have been predictable to our hapless friend). This was the idea I had for how the suit was upgraded from the start, but when I looked back to Strip #111 I realised I hadn’t really spelled it out for people – that original strip only covers the healing factor (/’repairing’ factor), and therefore doesn’t really explain why the suit can also withstand the speed and strength requirements placed on it by Joe’s activities (and maybe more…? We’ll have to wait and see). Hopefully this strip makes it hold a little more sense :-)

That’s it from me for tonight then, folks! Have had a brutally long day working in the field (archaeology can be great fun, but on the jobs where you dig hundreds of holes to find only 2 artefacts – not so much), but finishing this off and getting it up for you put a smile on my face, and I hope yours too!

See you back here on Sunday!

Terence MacManus