Well, that’s one path to developing superpowers I guess…

Hey everyone and welcome back! Not really a whole lot to say about the comic today; Hopefully it speaks (smells) for itself! This, and the following few strips, are a little idea I’ve been kicking around since I first started developing the comic – I hope you’ll like where it goes :)

In other news, tomorrow marks 30 weeks for our pregnancy, which means there’s only another 10 to go until our little arrival! Very exciting, although it also marks the moment I really need to start knuckling down to create a bit of a buffer of strips, before the only-got-two-hours-of-sleep-in-the-last-72 days begin 0_o I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted with the progress on the Average Joe Facebook page, or on Twitter (@tcmacmanus).

So until Wednesday, keep clean everyone!

Terence MacManus


PS – who can name the little cameo in today’s strip? Let me know in the comments! :-D