Hey everyone!

So, this was a fun little one to draw; I’ve been wanting to bring Mate into the strip more often since I really like drawing the little guy (I know I’ve said this before, but then I proceeded to draw something like a further 50 strips or so without him making another appearance!), so it was nice to do just a nonsense little strip messing with Tobi’s head a bit ;-) . Was also nice to get a chance to draw Tobi again from another angle – I’m starting to get a bit more of a handle on how I want him to look, insofar as his body shape goes. He tends to gain and lose a lot of weight between strips as I’m refining his design – thank heavens there’s so many in-universe time jumps between some of the strips :-P

Today’s strip also had a few angles I’ve never attempted before (panels 1 and 2) – I’m trying to keep pushing my art style, so it’s been good to attempt new things; each time I try something new I walk away having learned something for the next time, so it’s been a valuable experience :-)

So, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s strip! Don’t forget to tune in Sunday for another exciting instalment – looking forward to seeing you then! :-)

Terence MacManus