Hey everyone, welcome back to Average Joe!

So…as you may have noticed I had a little play around with the colour scheme in the background of today’s comic! One of the problems that comes with self-teaching photoshop as you’re trying to complete a comic which is updating the next day/later that night, is that a lot of the time I don’t really know what I’m doing with the program – or even it’s full functionality. And this week, when I decided I wanted to do a nice sunset, I discovered there was such a thing as gradients! Hurrah! :)

For a first attempt, it hopefully gets the idea of the colour change you get during a brilliant orange sunset – the type that seems to light the entire sky on fire. It’s certainly given me some new tools to play around with in the future, though I might try and get a little more familiar with the way they work before the next time I get my heart set on a particular way I want the strip to look ;-)

It was also a bit of a challenge for me to do the perspective in panel 1 – I think it came off ok, but you always learn the trick that would make the whole process easier right at the end of drawing something new, don’t you? ;-) The next time should be easier!

Hope you’ve enjoyed something a bit different though; and hopefully you got a bit of a giggle out of it! Don’t forget to tune in again on Sunday for the last strip of this little mini-arc about Joe’s flying ability!

See you then, Averagadors!

Terence MacManus