Hooray! Joe and Tobi made a miraculous escape from the angry mob! Thank God they ran into…a…duck helicopter?

Well, I’m sure you can all see how that’s perfectly logical and needs no further explanation. Great!

So anyway, what’s all this about Joe not flying? Haven’t we seen him rescuing people left, right and centre? Hmm…I guess he never really did fly during any of that did he? Well, there was that one time he tried flying…I wonder if that could possibly have scared him off it somehow? Guess we’ll have to wait and see! :-D

Now, I’m not often prone to attacks of contentment when it comes to my art, but I have to admit I’ve been having a blast with the drawing lately, and I think it’s beginning to show. I look back at the art from those links above, and it amazes me to think there’s only about a year of difference between them (well, some is edging on the double now I guess 0_O). Makes me a little excited and probably a bit more tingly than I really should be! :-)

Anyway guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s strip and I look forward to bringing you another one on Sunday (if I’m not dead from exhaustion by then – the little one in my wife’s belly has got just big enough to start pummelling seven kinds of daylight out of her between 1:00 and 4:00 am, regularly, meaning neither of us is getting much sleep. Brat.).

See you then!

Terence MacManus

PS – I had to see the film twice in the cinema before managing a writeup, but there’s a new In The Director’s Chair for “The Wolverine”. I really enjoyed it, and put down a few of my thoughts – it gets a little spoilery towards the end, but that’s easily skipped if you haven’t seen it and are weak of constitution ;-)