For those who came in late…

So, here’s my obligatory reaction to the geek news rocking the internet this week, with Ben Affleck being cast to play Batman in the Man of Steel sequel! I was actually kinda surprised by the vitriol getting spewed around about this choice – to be brutally honest, I’m really not very familiar with Ben Affleck, and was young enough when Daredevil came out (which seems to be the role everyone’s pointing at in despair) that I could enjoy it without bringing any baggage from the comics.


This time though? Batman comes second only to the Phantom in my personal comic library – I either own or have read every comic from the Bat-family since the mid-90′s (excluding the new 52 and Batman Inc – need to get around to that!!), so I’ll be going into this next Affleck-in-tights number with a lot of baggage. Thing is…I think that he looks like an excellent Bruce Wayne. I can 100% see him playing the drunken playboy millionaire that you would never imagine beats the snot out of thugs at night. And honestly, I don’t think he looked that bad in the Daredevil suit, so if he brings that to the cowl and cape, I do have some confidence in seeing him perform the role (hell, it can’t be worse than George Clooney)

I’d be interested in what you guys think about the choice, so make your voice heard in the comments below! Just remember, he’s no Christian Bale, but it could always have been this.

Follow the bat-signal back here on Wednesday, Averagats! I look forward to hearing what you think about the week’s news :-)

Terence MacManus