Goodness, this is probably the most NSFW strip I’ve done yet! At least it can only go up from here (ooohhh…that was a poor choice of words…)!

So, this was fun to draw today – I decided I’m going to try and up the ante on the art a little (little by little ;) ), and so the great neck experiment of 2013 continues! It’s a pretty basic change, but the implications have been pretty big for me personally – these last two strips are the only time I have ever actually drawn cartoon characters that have them. My regular style; the kind I started off with in high school for my first comic ‘zine, and which has persisted into AJ until now, has been to draw the kind of ‘bobble head’ figures that have the oversized head directly on the body, without the benefit of a neck. However, a few weeks stuck in a motel room (for work) leads one to introspection, and I started to realise I’d let habit substitute for laziness in my personal defence of this ‘stylistic choice’. Since I really do want to begin improving my art, I realised that this was something I was going to have to fix! I hope you will all indulge me some transition as I better learn about the body and proportion :-)

Speaking of bodies, proportions, and inefficient segways, it’s time for me to crawl into bed and bid you all adieu! Thanks for reading everyone – let me know what you think of the changes (err – that ‘transitional period’ also exists between the first panel and the rest :P ) in the comments below, or over at the Average Joe Facebook Page! I’d love to hear what you guys think!! :-D

Thanks again Averagingoes!

Terence MacManus