Woo! Wednesday comic!  And look at that – an Average Joe first…people have necks!! I wonder how long I can keep that up… :)

Speaking of keeping up (well, staying up – it’s late and I’m tired, I can’t segue at this hour!) I have been up waaaay too long finishing off this update tonight – the tithes you have to pay when you decide to change the punchline entirely when you’re inking the last two panels, and have to redraw them both! I think the joke came out better than what was planned though, and I got to learn hoe to do some new things with my characters to boot, so I guess that keeps it worth it!

So, with the superlative grandiose verbosity that comes when I am tired, I bid you a good evening –  and good reading!

See you on Sunday, Averagatigues,

Terence MacManus