Goodness! What an inauspicious title for today’s strip! And yet, when your joke revolves around a view of furry buttocks, it could have been still so much worse…

Welcome back to a Wednesday night with Average Joe, everyone! Feels nice to be settling back into the same old routine; getting home of an evening, sitting by the drawing board, forgetting choir practice is tonight oh dear well I’ve got plenty of time before I OH GOD I’M RUNNING LATE whoops will have to finish this off once I get back.

Ah, familiarity!

What is also pretty amazing is how fat my darling wife is getting (meant in theĀ nicest possible way I assure you!). We are well into the pregnancy now, and I got to feel the very first kicks from the little one just yesterday morning – was a pretty fun and magical experience, although perhaps somewhat worrisome that the first real interaction I’ve had with this child was standing idly by while they assaulted their mother. Still, she seemed happy enough about it all – which was very sporting of her considering she’d just been woken up at 5:00am by being kicked in the liver. It’s nice to be home to experience these things :)

It’s also nice to be home to experience continued drawing, as well! Hope you like today’s update, and I look forward to seeing you back here on Sunday for the next instalment!

Cheers, Averagubs!

Terence MacManus