Hey everyone! Guess who’s back in town :-D

So the good news (besides seeing the shiny new comic for today) is that I’m back at home for the foreseeable future! This means we can get back to the two-a-week update schedule, and can really get our teeth around this little arc detailing how Joe and Fatale first met. I know I’ve said this before, but I really didn’t intend for this whole arc to involve Joe in such an unflattering costume…poor Joe!

This update was fun to do though – feels like not a lot is happening visually, but got to move things forward a little in terms of the story – Fatale now knows Joe is what she was sent to retrieve/destroy, and we’ll get to see how she deals with weighing those orders against her sense of honour towards her saviour…and I don’t imagine Agent 42 only had one bullet with him either! But I wonder why he was shooting at Fatale – and why that truck blew up in the first place…? ;-)

Looking forward to seeing you back here for the answers in the coming couple of weeks guys; it feels good to be back in the chair again!

Terence MacManus