Well, better late than never! Looks like the “late” Joe Smith is giving Fatale a bit of a surprise, too ;-)

Welcome back to Average Joe everyone! Apologies on the delay of the update; Ended up having to work a 13-hour day (with travel) on Saturday that unfortunately ate into my drawing time over the weekend. In fact, things are so busy at work at the moment I just learned at the end of last week that I’m going to be away for fieldwork over the next two weeks (from today), so unfortunately that means it’s going to be difficult to make another Wednesday post for a while (will be living out of a series of motels again). I hate to jerk you guys around like this so much over the past couple of months, but I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you keep coming back to read the updates of a Sunday!! And hopefully we can get back to a more familiar schedule soon :-)

Back to today’s comic though – I wonder if her expression there is merely surprise that Joe is getting back up, or whether she’s put two and two together about what was being transported in that truck? I guess we’ll have to wait and see on Sunday!!

Thanks for reading guys, will see you then :)

Terence macManus