The long awaited (one strip) return of the much-asked for (no-one) cunningly (in)efficient net that Joe got from the truck! It’s a shame that the result of this would probably be the end of the strip forever if Joe didn’t have a healing factor…

But possibly the more long awaited return is of the Wednesday evening strip! Feels really good to be able to get another one in the bag: almost as good as it feels to be back at home around my rapidly-ballooning wife (that didn’t perhaps come out as well as I intended it..)!

It’s funny; seemed like a shorter strip today than usual – I guess there’s not an awful lot happening, but the extra time that gave me allowed a little bit of playing around with the characters that I don’t always get. I think that Joe’s starting to look a little more comfortable in that dog suit (a shame really, since he’s not going to be wearing it a whole lot longer!), and it was good to get a bit more refinement with Fatale’s character – she’s probably the character which has changed the most since the strip first launched a year and a half ago!

But on that note I may leave you for the evening Averagevolvers! Looking forward to seeing you back here on Sunday for the next instalment!

Terence MacManus