Yikes Joe, the one time you decide to be assertive and look what happens…

So, G’day everyone! Guess who’s back from their fieldwork away from home (at least for a few weeks)?! Hurray! It’s going to be really nice to get back into the swing of the regular update schedule again, I tell you what! The slowing down to one update a week has kinda drawn out what I wanted to do with this arc, so I thank you all for your patience over this time! Thankfully, the few weeks continued work means I remain able to pay my power bill and can create and post Average Joe with impunity :)

Today’s strip was a bit of a challenge for me, I have to admit – I had recently said online that one of the things I have learned doing this is to never compromise the setting of a scene/joke just to make it easier to draw; the notion being that by taking the easy route too many times you restrict yourself and your storytelling, and don’t leave room to grow as an artist/writer. Of course, the very next strip I do, I then realise that I have to have both Joe (in a dog suit) and Fatale running after the truck – and shown from the rear.

So I guess the lesson there is: be prepared to follow your own advice ;-)

Speaking of following – now I am back in Geelong, we can have a Wednesday update this week! So I guess I’ll see you all then, Averaganines!

Terence MacManus