Sorry to tell you this Joe, but I can’t see your day getting any better any time soon…

So, as most of you probably realise, this is the first chronological appearance of Fatale in the strip! Pretty odd for a character who was first seen in Strip #1 (that’s her, guys – funny what a year and a half of drawing a strip can do for your characters ;-) ), but remember that what we are seeing now is part of a flashback leading up to the events of Strips #100, #101 and #102. The history between these two is something I’ve been looking forward to telling since I posted that very first strip, although I have to admit Joe wearing a dog suit wasn’t in ANY of my original drafts of their first meeting. Cartooning can get away on you like that ;-)

So, I have another busy week ahead, I’m afraid – the out-of-town work continues, and due to other officework I need to catch up on in the motel of an evening it looks like I won’t be able to organise getting my tablet down there to fix up a Wednesday update :-( . But, I promise you that Sunday’s next comic will be worth the wait!! This story arc has been quite a while brewing, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as me; if nothing else, the extra wait might help build anticipation ;-)

As an aside, I have to admit I was quite satisfied with some of the art in today’s strip! It feels really nice to put something up and be able to see the difference from where you were a few months ago – handy, as some of the planned scenes coming up may be stretching the artistic muscles a bit! Challenge is good for the soul ;-)

Until Sunday then, take care Averagogles!

Terence MacManus