Hey everyone! A very warm welcome back to Average Joe!

Poor Joe, surely he didn’t wander out into the street wearing that costume? I suspect there may have been an annoyed director ringing that number on the back from the studio… ;-)

Also, after only two weeks of drawing Joe in this suit, I have an all new and overwhelming respect for anyone who has werewolves and other furry creatures in their daily strips! Kudos, guys :-D

So, thanks for being patient with me this week, missing the Wednesday update! Work has been very busy lately – one of the problems that come with working as an archaeologist means long stretches of time spent out in the field, away from home; this also means sometimes you have to pull a few late nights getting reports finished before you head off for those field trips!

I’m actually kind of surprised that I’ve managed to juggle this cartoon without any significant interruptions from fieldwork over the past year and a half! But, the inevitable has happened, and I now find myself standing at the precipice of a six-week-straight fieldwork program at a site located nearly 4 hours from home (and my computer) :-( This means it’s very likely that Average Joe will have to scale back to a single update a week (Sundays) over the next few weeks coming – depending on how much I can finish up of a weekend! As always, join and keep an eye on the Average Joe Facebook Page for updates on whether a Wednesday update will be coming up each week :)

Thanks for reading guys! I really appreciate your patience and understanding over these busy weeks; hope you enjoyed today’s strip, and might I just say that I really, really, really look forward to giving you the next one *whistles nonchalantly* ;-)

Take care Averagadors!

Terence MacManus