Him!!! (and Him!!!)

So, a warm Wednesday welcome back to Average Joe everyone – and a warm welcome back to “Warner-Bee Studios” as well! My, my – that looks like a spiffy new building they’ve got there – luckily I can’t imagine anything could possibly happen to it

Feels pretty good to be getting the Wednesday schedule back on track – it’s great that we’re getting real busy at the day job now, but it plays sweet merry-hob on the drawing schedule when you have to live out of a motel for a fortnight at the opposite end of the state! But, back at home and back in the swing of it now, which lets us have a little time to fiddle around with things and have a bit of fun :)

I really like the idea of “Warner-Bee Studios” – Joe really isn’t that great an actor that he can find a lot of work in a lot of places, and I think the name of this studio says volumes for the caliber of talent they acquire. I basically modelled this company (and it’s director) after experiencing a particular (and peculiar) audition years ago (I was accompanying my dad, who was asked to come to the audition after he started singing to a stranger in a supermarket — don’t…don’t even ask…). It was a particularly¬†indelible¬†experience, and one I’m enjoying giving a new lease of life in the annals of Average Joe!¬†

Thanks for reading guys, I look forward to seeing you back again on Sunday (if I haven’t gone mad with rage that the only rain we get in 2 weeks is predicted for the very days I have scheduled fieldwork in my day job!!)

See you then,

Terence MacManus