Well, all credit to Joe, at least he gave it a go!

So, welcome back to Average Joe for another week! And even better – I’m going to be around this coming week so we can even look forward to a regular update schedule! (wait for applause to die down) Hurrah! (more applause)

So today’s was fun for me – I hadn’t originally planned on doing more than the one strip referring to Tobi’s attempt at making a costume for Joe, but after I plotted it out, I really wanted to dress Joe up in it! I’m glad to see the result was pretty much what we all expected! :-D

There’s probably some more stuff to be said about this week’s strip, but the rope-swinging scenes took me FOREVER to draw tonight, so I am very sleepy – and have to be up early in the morning to record another podcast with the Webcomic Beacon crew, so I might have to leave it there! Keep an eye on the Average Joe facebook page though, I plan to put up a copy of the “Captain Fabulous” suit specs when I get the chance this week; and of course, we’ll see you back here on Wednesday!!

Take care, Averagarlings!

Terence MacManus