Oh man, Tobi’s sense of fashion really hasn’t got better over time… at least we know he’s not been idle over the weeks that Joe has been back with them, and we even get an idea of how long he’s been acting as Joe’s manager! What a job…

In other news, welcome back to Average Joe for another week! Man, it feels good to get a post up again – being away from home for work all week is really a killer on the creative muscles! Luckily, I get to work in funny little outback Australian towns like Rainbow and Wycheproof, which means I still get to flex my humour muscles (‘cos nobody ever gets tired of hearing town name puns, right?) :0D

Also, congratulations are in order for readers Michael and Olivia for identifying the Vermicious Knids referred to in the last strip! They were indeed the space aliens from Roald Dahl’s sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. I loved the Roald Dahl books as a kid and it was nice to be able to have a bit of a shout-out in my own creative work (albeit a…little while…since I last read the books!). Hold out guys, a little something’s headed your way soon ;-)

On the subject of getting things done, I’m afraid that I’m going to be away on fieldwork all this coming week as well – this means that I’m again going to be unable to put up an Average Joe post on the Wednesday…because I have no buffer (damn). BUT! Same as this week, I will still be putting up a post next Sunday, so remember to tune in again then (and hopefully things here will be back to normal the following week!). Thanks again for your patience with this everyone, I really appreciate it!

Last but not least, thanks for reading everyone! Enjoy your week and we’ll see you back here on Sunday! :)

Terence MacManus