That outfit seems a little…flameboyant!

Welcome back to Average Joe everyone – it’s nice to have a full colour comic up on the intended update day again! Last week really threw me around with late working hours, so it was nice to have the weekend give me enough time to sit down and make sure this got done properly :-)

And would you look at this? It seems like the scientist has just sealed away an important little voodoo doll in panel 1 there – not sure how he ended up with it though, after all it belongs over at the very entertaining webcomic Z & G, and I don’t imagine it’s owners would be very happy to have lost it. If you don’t quite know what I’m talking about then you should head on over and check it out (and get a laugh or two while you’re at it!)

So, today’s strip addresses an important fact about Joe’s costume – that it can ‘heal’ from the damage it sustains. This is very important for the costume of a superhero who hasn’t seemed to get the knack of keeping out of danger yet, and was clearly done for that reason alone and has nothing to do with any webcomic artist who found himself losing track of what damage needed to be shown on the suit across consecutive strips

As for the technology to make this feature possible, it’s really quite simple: science was involved. Like, a lot of it.

Finally, I just want to let you all know there’s not going to be a mid-week update this coming week; I am working out of town all week and will not be able to use my computer during this time (I’ve discovered the hard way I can’t lug around and set up my massive Mac on a dinky motel table). However, I will ensure you guys have another strip ready to go for Sunday, don’t worry about that!

Thanks everyone, hope you enjoyed today’s strip and I look forward to seeing you back here again next week! Keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates :-)

Terence MacManus

P.S – Can you identify the creature referred to in Panel 1 of today’s strip? First three to note it in the comments might get a little something special ;-)