Hey all, and welcome back to Average Joe!

Gee, you really can’t leave Joe alone even for a minute…

So this was a fun post to draw! Got to see a couple of rooms in the lab (just how big is this place?!), and now the place is in complete pandemonium!! In fact, I think I even saw a couple of scientific experiments from another webcomic in here somewh…there! aren’t those the worms from the secret science lab at that school where The Principal Is An Alien…?! Well, I don’t know how they ended up here, but you better click the link above so they can follow it back where they belong ;-) (and you’ll get a laugh as well, I bet!).

I wonder what else is running around in the lab that shouldn’t be… I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Oh also, one other little thing happened this week ;-) Ultrasound

Needless to say, my wife and I are very excited! And no, as my dad asked, it is not a photo of a monkey.

Thanks everyone, the world’s most average dad-to-be will see you back here on Sunday for another Average Joe!

Terence MacManus