*EDIT: A quick reminder where we last saw these guys preparing the shed for the scientist to move in – Afraid that’s all I can really add to the blog post though, ended up being way late by the time I got home from work (again) so I’s gonna needs ma sleeps! Hope you enjoy the coloured comic!!*

Hi guys,

So, as you can see there’s no colour in today’s comic -¬†yet. I had a super-busy weekend and didn’t get to sit at the drawing dest until midway through Sunday afternoon…unfortunately, because I still draw really, really slowly, this meant that I didn’t have enough time to finish off the colours before it got horribly late (I’m snoozing in my seat as I’m writing this!). Since I have work tomorrow, I’m afraid I just didn’t have the time I needed to get this completely finished off.

BUT! Hopefully those of you who ¬†need the Average Joe fix for the weekend can enjoy the plain inked version of the strip until I get home tomorrow and manage to finish off the colours (about halfway through now) – I think I’m going to have some fun exploring the secret underground laboratory with you guys and Joe over the next few updates, so something to look forward to while waiting for the coloured version of this to go up!

Thanks guys – appreciate your patience with things, you’re amazing!

Catch you tomorrow for a nicely fully-coloured strip! :-)

Terence MacManus