Eh, looks like he’s taking things well to me…

So, as mentioned in panel 1 of today’s strip, you might want to check out the series of strips between #26 and #37 to know what Joe and the scientist are talking about with regards to the testing program and the fire…I wonder what else the was able to be be salvaged from the ruins? Perhaps we’ll see when we head into the  scientist’s fancy new lab…?

One thing that he probably does have in his lab if he has an internet connection in there (besides a link to a certain awesome webcomic) is a bookmarked link to this amazing website I just discovered this week myself -

Some people may already be familiar with the TV improvisational comedy show ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’ which ran across British and American (and therefore, of course, Australian) airwaves between 1992 and the early 2000′s – for those of you who aren’t, you owe it to yourselves to click on that link! The later American episodes (when the show was full of the regulars operating at their zenith) still have me in stitches and the best part is: the show is starting up again for a brand new season in the US. Get on board guys, this show is hilarious (and can teach a lot about good/crass humour, too!)

Another thing worth watching is Star Trek: Into Darkness. This was a really fun, pretty amazing film and I liked it so much that you should expect to see it crop up in the directors chair sometime over the next few days. Between now and then though, I highly recommend you see it, particularly if you enjoyed the last film that J.J Abrams used to reboot the whole Trek movie ‘enterprise’ (see what I did there? eh?). Since J.J is also directing the next movie in the new Star Wars offerings, seeing the modernisation and brilliant, tight storytelling he’s brought to the Trek universe makes me really excited for the next Star Wars film, even if it turns out like this.

Have a little something planned for Wednesday’s strip – more on that through the week (here’s hoping I can pull it off and make it entertaining, too!)

Until then, take care Averagutes!

Terence MacManus